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April 11, 2010



How do you tell what is right and what is wrong? Some people say it is written in holy texts and this and that. Some people say that it is ingrained in our human nature. Which is right and which is wrong? I believe right and wrong starts with morals and how your morals turn into beliefs. On this past easter I was talking to my mom about religion after she told my sister that you can’t be wishy-washy with your religion. Now my mom is a devout christian follower of Jesus. Our family goes to church every sunday and my mom is involved in pretty much anything church related. Her opinions on what is right and what is wrong are not going to be swayed really. Now I have not really conformed to this. I really believe that no religion is really what is right and that real religion trandescends all labels and names that we can put on it. I believe that you shouldnt go by one book to live your entire life no matter how great the things that the book says. Now my mom was saying that we can believe in Jesus christ and thats it. You can’t take anything else from anyother religion or else it is wrong. For example, I asked her if the Quran said one thing and then the Bible said the same thing which would be right? She said that the Quran would have no validity really and what the Bible said is the only real answer. Now this is something I just cannot agree with. How is it right if one book says something good like treat you fellow man good and then another one says the same thing but you believe the second one better just because it is written by someone who you have been raised to believe is better. I think that this is intolerance at its most extreme. I don’t believe that any spiritual leaders of the past or present would ever agree with this. So I really do believe that right and wrong is not something that we can limit to the teaching of this book or that book. I believe that in this life you have to trandescend your ingrained thoughts and look at the bigger picture. The picture of what is good for humanity and being intolerant in your beliefs will only cause trouble. What is truly right is accepting everyone and working towards the greater good with the morals that you know deep down are the right ones.